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Stephen Buckley

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Short Bio: 
Stephen C. Buckley serves as Director of Systems Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reporting to the CIO. He has responsibility for an 79 person organization with an annual budget of $12 million. 
He is responsible for pioneering the Mobile APIs, OpenID Connect, and Drupal Cloud platforms to MIT. He has implemented Agile and DevOps, teams, tools and, processes. He introduced the MIT Mobile App for Android, and brought number of active users of the MIT Mobile App for iPhone to 97,000 users, making it the most popular application on campus. He is responsible for introducing Lynda.Com, which delivered 94,000 modules of instruction to students, faculty and staff in its first year.
Previously, he served as founder and first Executive Director of the MIT Kerberos Consortium. The mission of the Consortium is to establish Kerberos as the universal authentication platform for the world's computer networks.
In 2008, he accepted the $100,000 Andrew W. Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration from Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf, for MIT's work on Kerberos.
Earlier he held dual appointments as Associate Director of the Center for Digital Business and the Center for Collective Intelligence working with Profs. Tom Malone and Erik Brynjolfsson, respectively. He is the founder of the MIT CIO Summit and the MIT CIO Symposium, which attract thousands of IT leaders to MIT every year for two days of knowledge sharing.
While taking a break from MIT, he has been one of the first ten employees of three start-up organizations, including the Society for Organizational Learning and The Cambridge Innovation Center.
Steve has been a Teaching Assistant and Supervisor for many IT, and Computer Science classes during his long career at MIT. Most recently, he was a judge for 6.570, "Developing Mobile Applications" in the Spring semester of 2012.