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Erik Hemberg

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Big Data Finance
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Erik Hemberg, PhD is a Post Doctoral researcher in the ALFA group in CSAIL at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He performs research regarding scaleable machine learning. He is currently involved in research regarding tax evasion and physiological time series prediction. Dr. Hemberg received his PhD in Computer Science from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Description of Research: 

Through the use of partnerships and other "flow-through entities", taxpayers underreported more than $91 billion of income annually between 2006 and 2009 (GAO-14-453), and the trend shows little sign of stopping. Our goal is to reduce the prevalence of tax non-compliance.
STEALTH allows us to process sequences of transactions which all accomplish the same economic purpose, but can result in wildly different tax consequences. By applying an artificial intelligence approach, we can identify observables which may indicate the presence of non-compliant behavior.