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Alekh Jindal

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Research Category: 
Systems and Tools
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
Sam Madden
Short Bio: 
I am a postdoc associate in Database Group at MIT CSAIL, working with Professors Sam Madden and Michael Stonebraker. My current research focusses on improving the performance of novel large-scale data-intensive systems. I received my PhD from Saarland University in August 2012, working with Prof. Jens Dittrich. During my PhD, I worked on flexible and scalable data storage for traditional databases as well as for MapReduce. Before that I received bachelor degree from IIT Kanpur.
Description of Research: 
My research focuses on building scalable data processing systems that ease the pain of end users, i.e., they support several query workloads, they are easy to deploy and maintain, and they have comparable query performance as specialized systems. I work on two major themes in this direction. First, I look at integrating database concepts into large-scale data flow systems, which are highly scalable yet inefficient for several query workloads. Second, I look at efficiently supporting several different query workloads in traditional relational databases, which typically support only a single type of query workload.

Alekh Jindal, Samuel Madden
Preparing Data For The Data Lake
NEDB 2015, Cambridge, USA. (Short Paper)

Alekh Jindal
Robust Data Transformations
CIDR 2015, Asilomar, USA. (Abstract)

Alekh Jindal, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiane-Ruiz, Samuel Madden
Cartilage: Adding Flexibility to the Hadoop Skeleton
SIGMOD 2013, New York, USA. (Demo paper)