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Guy Zyskind

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MIT Media Lab
Research Category: 
Privacy and Security
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
Alex 'Sandy' Pentland
Short Bio: 

Guy Zyskind is a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on the intersection between Big Data, Privacy and Economics, and how to combine these to create decentralized trusted computing systems. His research projects won several prizes, including the MIT Bitcoin Competition Grand Prize and the Weinstein Institute for Signal Processing Best Undergraduate Thesis. He has over 10 years of industry experience, including leading the development of several early-stage start-ups in the Big Data and Mobile spaces. Guy received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (double major) from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Description of Research: 

Securely computing the result of any function without revealing the raw data is one of the holy grails of privacy research, but has previously been considered too inefficient and difficult to use for Big Data applications. We construct an efficient, scalable framework for performing privacy-preserving data analysis that evaluates regular non-secure code into distributed secure multiparty computation protocols. This framework lowers the barriers of entry commonly associated with security platforms and allows developers and data-scientists to operate on large data sets securely.