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Mandy Korpusik

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Research Category: 
Systems and Tools
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
James Glass
Short Bio: 

Mandy Korpusik received her B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in May, 2013 and joined SLS as a graduate student in September, 2013. Her research interests include natural language processing and spoken language understanding. Currently, she is working on a dialogue system that uses semantic tagging to determine the nutritional content of food consumed by a user.

Description of Research: 
My primary research interest is natural language processing (NLP), including both written and spoken language understanding. Recently, I have enjoyed applying machine learning techniques to problems such as semantic tagging and user intent detection (i.e., dialogue act classification) in spoken dialogue systems. I would like to explore the use of knowledge graphs, neural networks, and unsupervised methods such as domain adaptation and user personalization.
"Data Collection and Language Understanding of Food Descriptions"
By: Mandy Korpusik, Nicole Schmidt, Jennifer Drexler, Scott Cyphers, and James Glass