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William Li

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Research Category: 
Analytics and Applications
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
Andrew W. Lo
Short Bio: 

I am a PhD student at MIT in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Laboratory for Financial Engineering. My advisor is Andrew Lo.
My doctoral research asks: How can machine learning and data science be used to understand and analyze government processes? I am developing computational methods to draw insights from large collections of legal and political documents. This work offers new ways to answer research questions in law, politics, and public policy, from the authorship of Supreme Court opinions to the evolution of our laws. It could also lead to new technologies that promote citizen engagement and government transparency.
Previously, I earned master's degrees at MIT in computer science and the Technology and Policy Program. My advisors were Seth Teller, Nick Roy, and Jim Glass. As an undergraduate, I was an Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto.

Description of Research: 

This is analysis of judicial opinionsthat are published without indicating individual authorship. It aims to provide an unbiased, quantitative, and computer scientific answer to a problem that has long plagued legal commentators...(See More)