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Franck Dernoncourt

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Research Category: 
Analytics and Applications
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
Una-May O'Reilly
Short Bio: 

I am pursuing a PhD in computer science & artificial intelligence at MIT where I currently work on genetic programming.
My research focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). My former project aimed at building conversational agents for serious games. It will mostly make use of semantics, ontology, natural language processing and knowledge engineering.
My previous work dealt with evolutionary algorithms, artificial neural networks, robotics and neuroscience. I built a computational neuroscience model of the medial reticular formation, a part of the brain which is involved in low-level decision making, using artificial neural networks optimized by evolutionary algorithms. I evaluated this model as a virtual mobile robot controller.

Description of Research: 

beatDB aims to fulfill automated, large scale, rapid physiological condition prediction by exploiting untapped archival sensor data from humans...(See More)


"beatDB: A Large Scale Waveform Feature Repository" Poster Session (Members Only)