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Adrian Dalca

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Research Category: 
Analytics and Applications
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
Polina Golland
Short Bio: 

I am a graduate student at MIT in the EECS department, advised by Polina Golland. I am interested in models for medical image analysis and characterizing genetic effects on imaging phenotypes. I have been lucky to work with wonderful collaborators.
I serve on the MICCAI Society Student Board, and participate in the MIT-MGH SITECOR program, which allows engineers to observe surgical procedures in an effort to improve O.R. technologies. I also have a side passion for computational photography and vision.
My wife, Monica, is a graduate student at MIT in the Biology department doing exciting research on cancer biology.

Description of Research: 

This project's goal is to understand and analyze large clinical imaging data sets in efforts of understanding underlying causes of the decease...(See More)