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Ramesh Sridharan

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Research Category: 
Analytics and Applications
Primary CSAIL Advisor: 
Polina Golland
Short Bio: 

I'm a Ph.D. student working with Polina Golland in the Medical Vision Group in CSAIL. My research interests are in machine learning and artificial intelligence; in particular I'm working on applications of these to problems in medical imaging. I'm currently funded by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I was an undergraduate in EECS at UC Berkeley. While I was there I worked with Stan Klein's Visual Processing Lab on signal processing in vision science, and with Dan Garcia and Brian Harvey on a curriculum development project involving parallelism in introductory computer science courses.

You can also find me on github.

Description of Research: 

This project's goal is to understand and analyze large clinical imaging data sets in efforts of understanding underlying causes of the decease...(See More)