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Hari Balakrishnan

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Hari Balakrishnan is a Professor of Computer Science at MIT. His research is in networked computer systems. His current interests are in system software, network protocols, and data management for a world of "truly mobile" connected devices. Previous work includes the RON overlay network, the Chord DHT, the Cricket location system, the CarTel mobile sensing system, and cross-layer wireless protocols such as snoop TCP and SoftPHY. He has also contributed to verifiable Internet routing, congestion control, network security and privacy, energy-efficient protocols, stream processing, and data management systems. He is an ACM Fellow (2008), a Sloan Fellow (2002), an ACM dissertation award winner (1998), and has received several best-paper awards including the IEEE Bennett prize (2004) and the ACM SIGCOMM "test of time" award (2011). He has also received a few awards for excellence in teaching and research at MIT: the Harold Edgerton faculty achievement award (2003), and the Jamieson (2012), Junior Bose (2002), and Spira (2001) teaching awards.

In 2003, Balakrishnan co-founded StreamBase Systems, the first high-performance commercial event stream processing (aka complex event processing) engine. Between 2000 and 2003, he helped devise the key algorithms for Sandburst Corporation's (acquired by Broadcom) high-speed network QoS chipset. He is an advisor to Meraki and on the Board of Trustees of IMDEA Networks in Spain.

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