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JUNE 19 2013 WORKSHOP: Big Data Privacy

Exploring the Future Role of Technology in Protecting Privacy
June 13, 2013

Big Data promises a better world.  A world where data will be used to make better decisions, from how we invest money to how we manage our healthcare to how we educate our children and manage our cities and resources.  These changes are enabled by a proliferation of new technologies and tools that have the ability to measure, monitor, record, combine and query all kinds of data about us and the world around us -- but how will that data get used and for what purpose?  Who owns the data?   How do we assure accountability for misuse? 

Just as Big Data lays out many promises, it lays out many questions and challenges when it comes to privacy.  We must think carefully about the role of technology and how we design and engineer next generation systems to appropriately protect and manage privacy, in particular within the context of how policy and laws are developed to protect personal privacy.   Decisions about how to address privacy in big data systems will impact almost everyone as we push to make more data open and available inside organizations and publicly. Governments around the world are pushing themselves and private companies to make data transparent and accessible.  Some of this will be personal data.  We will need new tools and technologies for analysis, for anonymizing data, for running queries over encrypted data, for auditing and tracking information, and for managing and sharing our own personal data in the future.   Because issues of data privacy will be relevant across so many aspects of our life, including banking, insurance, medical, public health, government, etc, we believe it is important to collectively address major challenges managing data privacy in a big data world.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together a select group of thought leaders, from academia, industry and government, to focus on the future of Big Data and some of the unique issues and challenges around data privacy.  Our aim is to think longer term (5 years +) and better understand and help define the role of technology in protecting and managing privacy particularly when large and diverse data sets are collected and combined.  We will use the workshop to collectively articulate major challenges and begin to layout a roadmap for future research and technology needs.


Workshop #2:  Big Data Privacy

Exploring the Future Role of Technology in Protecting Privacy


Date:            Wednesday June 19 2013

                       8:30am to 6:00pm ET


Location:    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                       Cambridge, MA