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Bigdata@CSAIL Lecture Series: SAP HANA Evolution from High Performance Enterprise Data Management to Big Data Platform

December 9, 2015 - 4:00pm
Patil (Kiva) Conference Room G449, Stata Center
Speaker Name: 
Anil Goel, Vice President and Chief Architect, HANA Data Platform, SAP

SAP's HANA data management platform was architected from the ground up to leverage modern hardware technologies including large main memories, multi-core parallelism, SIMD architectures and vector processing, and to exploit software-hardware co-innovation. HANA supports novel and existing applications with dramatically faster queries, access to up-to-date business data, and greatly simplified database administration. In this talk, we'll describe some key aspects of the internal design of the HANA system, explaining how HANA achieves orders of magnitude performance improvements.

We will then describe the evolution of SAP HANA into a holistically integrated Big Data platform designed to solve enterprise data problems end to end. We will introduce SAP HANA Vora, an in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop, and describe the SAP strategy and vision for Big Data management. In this context, we will argue for a novel architecture for massively distributed database management.

Finally, we'll reflect upon some future directions for HANA to stay abreast of imminent advancements in storage class memories and system architectures

Anil K Goel is a Chief Architect at SAP where he works with the globally distributed HANA Platform and Database engineering team to drive forward looking architectures, vision, strategy and execution for all SAP data management products and technologies. He oversees data platform related co-innovation projects with hardware and software partners as well as collaborative research and internship programs with many universities in North America and Europe. His interests include database system architecture, in-memory and large scale distributed computing, self-management of software systems and cost modelling. Anil earned a PhD in CS from University of Waterloo. He also holds M.Tech. (CS) from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and B.E. (Electronics and Communications Engineering) from University of Delhi.