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User-controlled Privacy of Personal Data

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The MIT Living Lab mobile apps (called labs) is aimed to allow MIT to be more data-driven. However, users cannot currently specify their privacy preferences for the data collection, contribution, and use by the labs. Though my research, I constructed a suite of tools to enable users to maintain better control over their personal data. It incorporates a 3-pronged privacy mechanism solution that includes context definition, opt-in by choice settings and preference enforcement. We are building the MIT-FIT lab to validate these tools. The major goals of MIT-FIT are to (i) create awareness of users' own activity levels in privacy-preserving ways, (ii) enable exertion of positive social influences through built-in statistics and recommendations, and (iii) motivate need for quantifying relationships and places to achieve fitness goals.


Brian Sweatt, Sharon Paradesi, Ilaria Liccardi, Lalana Kagal, and Alex (Sandy) Pentland