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Evidence-Based Education Research for All

We are using the ALFA group's MOOCdb project as a framework to explore specific technical aspects related to global research collaboration around online education data. We are exploring software sharing, common data organization, data privacy and data access. The piloting effort uses data from several of MITx courses. Our activities recognize the importance of a transparent, fair access policy on online education data which respects privacy, confidentiality and the legal obligations of data controllers. We recognize that computer technology will play a key role in supporting general access so that respect for privacy and confidentiality is ideally balanced with the public good of investigating the digital evidence gathered from online education offerings. We are interested in joining forces with all who want to participate in these activities. Please contact us for more information.

"Education Data for All: Forging Policies, Developing Structures"

Hal Abelson, (CSAIL, MIT); Lori Breslow, (Director, MIT Teaching & Learning Laboratory)