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Very Small Arrays: Data Graphics at the New York Times

November 12, 2013 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm
MIT CSAIL, Stata Center, Bldg 32 Kiva Conference Room, 4th Floor, G449
Speaker Name: 
Amanda Cox, New York Times

Journalism has very little in common with big data. (The data in journalism is almost entirely tiny.) But there may be some similarities, at least in spirit: we both to know things we shouldn't be able to know, depend heavily on asking the right questions and quick iteration, and prefer way more detail than we actually need, at least at the beginning.

I'll review some of the NYT graphics department's "bigger" data collaborations with academics and others, and discuss some of the broader trends in data visualization, as it is practiced by journalists trying to communicate with large audiences.

Amanda Cox is a graphics editor at the New York Times, where she makes charts and maps for the paper and its web site. Before joining the Times in 2005, she earned a masters degree in statistics from the University of Washington. She received the Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award from the American Statistical Association in 2012 and was part of a team that won a National Design Award in 2009. (Sample NYT graphics work can be found here: LIVE WEBCAST: