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MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL is Awarded Grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL was awarded a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in support of the Big Data Privacy Workshop.

JUNE 19 2013 WORKSHOP: Big Data Privacy

Big Data promises a better world.  A world where data will be used to make better decisions, from how we invest money to how we manage our healthcare to how we educate our children and manage our cities and resources.  These changes are enabled by a proliferation of new technologies and tools that have the ability to measure, monitor, record, combine and query all kinds of data about us and the world around us -- but how will that data get used and for what purpose?  Who owns the data?   How do we assure accountability for misuse? 

Big Data for the Rest of Us

Recently the news has been full of stories about the potential for `big data’ about customer behavior to revolutionize business, and personal data has been called the `new oil of the internet’.   But what about big data for the average person?  For the poor?

APRIL 4 2013 MEMBER WORKSHOP: Big Data Integration

Big Data integration -- combining multiple diverse data sets together -- is one of the key problems organizations face when working with Big Data.  The challenges of integrating data are myriad:  different data sets may come from different sources (internal and external); may have been created by different people; be structured in different ways; and contain different data types (e.g., text, images, maps, database tables, etc.)  In addition, data sets may represent different levels of temporal or spatial granularity (e.g., real time per-transaction data vs.


Coming up on February 1, 2013 is the Sixth Annual New England Database Summit (NEDB Summit), to be held at the MIT Stata Center.  This will be an all day conference-style event where participants from the research community and industry in the New England area can come together to present ideas and discuss their latest research and experiences on databases.

MIT NEWS: Speeding algorithms by shrinking data

A new approach to processing 'big data' creates succinct representations of huge data sets, so that existing algorithms can handle them efficiently

MIT NEWS: Mining physicians' notes for medical insights

A new approach to algorithmically distinguishing words with multiple possible meanings could help find useful data in electronic medical records

NOV 28-29 2012 bigdata@CSAIL Member Meeting

This 1st annual bigdata@csail member meeting will include our 8 founding member companies -- AIG, EMC, Huawei, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, SAP and Thomson Reuters -- and the MIT CSAIL research community. 

CSAIL Tackles Big Data

In May 2012, CSAIL announced a major new initiative to tackle the challenges of the burgeoning field known as “big data” -- data collections that are too big, growing too fast, or are too complex for existing information technology systems to handle. The announcement was made at an MIT event attended by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who simultaneously announced a new statewide initiative to establish Massachusetts as a hub of big data research.