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Tackling the Challenges of Big Data

Course Description This Digital Programs course will survey state-of-the-art topics in Big Data, looking at data collection (smartphones, sensors, the Web), data storage and processing (scalable relational databases, Hadoop, Spark, etc.), extracting structured data from unstructured data, systems issues (exploiting multicore, security), analytics (machine learning, data compression, efficient algorithms), visualization, and a range of applications. Each module will introduce broad concepts as well as provide the most recent developments in research.


Talk Title: "Reverse-Engineering Online Tracking for Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability"




MIT Big Data Initiative Annual Meeting 2014

The MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL Big Data Annual Meeting on NOV 12-13, 2014.


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This 2-day event featured some of the latest research on Big Data at MIT – including:

Anastasia Ailamaki's Talk

Andrew Ng's Talk

Ihab Ilyas' Talk


Visual control of big data

In the age of big data, visualization tools are vital. With a single glance at a graphic display, a human being can recognize patterns that a computer might fail to find even after hours of analysis.

But what if there are aberrations in the patterns? Or what if there’s just a suggestion of a visual pattern that’s not distinct enough to justify any strong inferences? Or what if the pattern is clear, but not what was to be expected?

White House & MIT release reports on big data and privacy

Article by: Adam Conner-Simons, MIT CSAIL News

"The White House and the MIT both separately released reports on big data and privacy this past week.

The White House report stemmed from a 90-day review undertaken by White Counselor John Podesta that included a day-long workshop hosted by the MIT Big Data Initiative at CSAIL.