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[Feb 2015] "Privacy in a Networked World"

by  Barbara J. Mack and Elizabeth Bruce

Harvard recently held its annual symposium on the future of computation in science and engineering in Jan 2015, focusing on “Privacy in a Networked World.”  Several members of our MIT Big Data Privacy working group attended and in this post we summarize a few of the highlights.

What is privacy?

New Report - Big Data and Health: Revolutionizing Medicine and Public Health

Dec 2013.  New report on Big Data and Health released this week at World Innovation Summit for Health in DOHA.

Link to report:

EMC Spotlights bigdata@CSAIL

EMC TV is putting the spotlight on CSAIL’s new initiative bigdata@CSAIL in a 30-minute piece on the station’s IT Insider show.  Professor and CSAIL Principal Investigator Sam Madden chronicles the challenges and opportunities presented by the field and new research underway at CSAIL.

SAP Forbes article on the Power of Big Data

SAP writes about the potential economic power behind Big Data in a recent Forbes article.   The article refers to a study published in June 2011 by McKinsey Global Institute that looks at potential for economic impact in specific domains, including Health Care; Public Sector Administration; Retail; Manufacturing; and Personal Location Data.  The report estimates the value of Big Data to US Health Care alone could be more than $300 Billion per year. 

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