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[APR 2015] "Love the processor, Hate the Process: The Temptations of Clever Algorithms and When to Resist Them"

by Barbara J. Mack

"Love the Processor, Hate the Process: The Temptations of Clever Algorithms and When to Resist Them"
Jonathan Zittrain, George Bemis Professor of International Law and Professor of Computer Science, Harvard Universit
MIT CSAIL, Aptil 1, 2015

[Mar 2015] Transatlantic Conversation on Privacy and Personal Data

by  Barbara J. Mack

"Transatlantic Conversation on Privacy and Personal Data"
With Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin and Cameron Kerry
MIT Media Lab, February 27, 2015

[Feb 2015] "Privacy in a Networked World"

by  Barbara J. Mack and Elizabeth Bruce

Harvard recently held its annual symposium on the future of computation in science and engineering in Jan 2015, focusing on “Privacy in a Networked World.”  Several members of our MIT Big Data Privacy working group attended and in this post we summarize a few of the highlights.

What is privacy?

[DEC 2014] Online Tracking and Privacy: summary of lecture by Arvind Narayanan

“Reverse Engineering Online Tracking for Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability”

-- Summary of Lecture by Arvind Narayanan, Assistant Professor, Princeton University [December 8, 2014]

[OCT 2014] Beyond Data Lakes: The DataHub

Organizations are scrambling to capitalize on Big Data for business analytics. By necessity, they’ve developed some creative new data management ideas. Data lakes is one of these.

[OCT 2014] Living Lab: A recap of the our experience at Hack MIT

 Last week, Kelly, Guy, and I attended HackMIT – one of the most prestigious hackathons in the world – as sponsor judges for the Big Data Initiative  at MIT CSAIL.

New Report - Big Data and Health: Revolutionizing Medicine and Public Health

Dec 2013.  New report on Big Data and Health released this week at World Innovation Summit for Health in DOHA.

Link to report:


As part of the MIT CSAIL bigdata lecture series, Dr. Calvin Andrus who works in Office of the Chief Information Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, gave a talk on the challenges associated with deploying enterprise-scale analytic engines on top of cloud-based bigdata holdings in a classified environment.

Big Data: The Management Revolution

Erik Brynjolfsson, the Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, the Schussel Family Professor at the MIT Sloan School, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research was the last speaker in the Big Data Lecture Series - Fall 2012.

Taming Big Data with Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS), Ion Stoica, Berkeley

As part of the Big Data Lecture Series — Fall 2012, Ion Stoica, a Professor at the EECS Department at University of California, Berkeley gave a talk on BDAS (Berkeley Data Analytics Stack). BDAS is an open-source data analytics stack for complex computations on massive data which supports efficient, large-scale in-memory data processing, and allows users and applications to trade between query accuracy, time, and cost.


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