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NOV13-14 Annual Member Meeting: DEMOS and POSTERS



  1. ALFA, ‘Some Visualizations of MOOC Data’ demo


  1. Erik Bakke, ‘Declarative, Graphical Construction of Complex Report Queries’demo


  1. Leilani Battle, ‘ScalaR: A User Study’ poster


  1. Anant Bhardwaj, ‘DataHub’ poster and demo


  1. Vivick Cadambe, ‘Erasure Coding Meets Distributed Computing: Coded Emulation of Shared Atomic Memory’ poster


  1. Alvin Cheung, ‘Using Lazy Evaluation for Query Batching’ poster


  1. Seyda Ertekin, ‘Reactive Point Processes for Power Grid Maintenance’ poster


  1. Sue Felshin, ‘Interfacing with Big Data Repositories’ demo


  1. Alekh Jindal, ‘ Cartilage: Adding Flexibility to the Hadoop Skeleton’ poster and demo


  1. Todd Layton, ‘iDiary’


  1. Yuan Mei, ‘The SPRAWL Distributed Stream Processing System’ poster


  1. Todd Mostak, ‘MapD’ demo


  1. Alex Pagan, ‘Expertsourcing: The Wisdom of Domain Experts’ poster


  1. Oshani Seneviratne, ‘Who? What? When? Why? And Where?: Towards Transparent Web Systems’ poster


  1. Ramesh Sridharan and Adrian Dalca, ‘Quantification and Analysis of Large Multimodal Clinical Image Studies: Application to Stroke’ poster


  1. Brian Sweatt, ‘OpenPDS’


  1. Stephen Tu, ‘Speedy Transactions in Multicore In-Memory Databases’ poster


  1. Manasi Vartak and Rebecca Taft, ‘GenBase – Complex Analytics Benchmark for Genomics’ poster


  1. Carl Vondrick, ‘HOGgles: Visualizing Object Detection Features’ demo


  1. Jenna Wiens, ‘Learning to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections: Leveraging Data Across Time and Space to Enhance Local Predictions’ poster


  1. Eugene Wu, ‘ Explaing Aggregate Outliers in Your Data’ demo