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Big Data Analytics Workshop: INPUT

Member Workshop: "Big Data Analytics: Challenges in Big Data for Data Mining, Machine Learning and Statistics"



The goal of this workshop is to discuss the opportunities and challenges of applying machine learning, data mining, and statistics to massive-scale data sets.  At the end of the day, we would like to be able to articulate:

1.  Opportunities.  What are the awesome cool new applications data analytics will enable in the future?
2.  Challenges.  What are the really hard problems?  (focus on the technical challenges and what's new when it comes to "big data")
3.  Approaches.  What new techniques and approaches are emerging?

We invite all workshop participants to participate -- provide your input using the following Google form.

 - this form will be active only during the workshop 8am-5pm ET on March 24, 2014
 - feel free to "submit" multiple times (as many times as you feel inspired)
 - this is intended as a brainstorming exercise (think: post-its) to get ideas flowing and to give everyone a chance to provide input

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